Gluten-Free Brownies

Courtesy of The Heartland Bakery

We’ve got a special treat coming to the shop for all our gluten-free fanatics out there. We’ll be selling Heartland Bakery’s gluten-free dark chocolate brownies starting on September 26th. Heartland Bakery is the brainchild company of Laura Tierney. She, her husband Ross, and their newborn daughter live in Franklin, Tenn., where Heartland is based. Her baked goods provide an all-natural, health-conscious alternative for consumers. She uses organic and whole-grain flours, so her products are full of special nutrients and fiber, which many gluten-free diets lack.

Seriously guys, these brownies are delicious! She creates them with freshly ground, whole-grain brown rice flour and premium dark chocolate. We will be selling her brownies in packs of 6 in the shop. We expect these special order brownies to go fast, so come get some before they’re gone! They’d make an excellent dessert treat served warm with a scoop of your favorite gluten-free gelato. Personally, we think our Stracciatella or Hazelnut flavors would make a delicious combo. Come next week to pick up a pack of brownies and a pint of gelato; it’s the perfect dessert you won’t feel guilty about.